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iCAN Serve is a global cannabis business and scientific services firm, with a team of in-house experts, and an international network of qualified services partners.

We advise, guide and support our clients, and introduce them to the right knowledge, people, companies, and opportunities, at the right time, in order to meet their most pressing needs.

We answer questions and solve problems utilizing our collective expertise, qualitative intelligence gathering, and unparalleled international business network.

iCAN Serve is based in Israel, a leading center of cannabis cultivation, technology, and scientific research, with clients in numerous countries. 

Our mission is to help you navigate the surging cannabis industry.

Navigate Cannabis

iCAN Serve can help your company navigate the rapidly evolving global cannabis industry. Our Navigate Cannabis business and scientific services program is customized for each client, in order to meet their specific needs and requirements. 

  • Personalized services with an iCAN client executive and support team
  • Access to leading business and scientific experts from a range of disciplines
  • Introductions to qualified connections and opportunities
  • Access to iCAN’s global partner ecosystem, and deep industry networks in all verticals
  • Business and scientific intelligence and data flow


Navigate Cannabis Business

Navigate Cannabis Business provides our client partners with an experienced team of experts from various areas of the cannabis industry. Our core set of services includes strategy, development, research, marketing, and representation. And we deliver high level and precise international intelligence, connectivity and deal flow in pursuit of the client’s goals.

  • Qualified guidance and problem solving
  • Business planning and analysis
  • Project management
  • International business development and representation
  • Qualitative research – industry, market, brand, product
  • Marketing and corporate media and communications 
  • Creative direction


Strategy Planning
Strategy & Planning
Goal Aim
Business Development
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Media & Marketing
Statistical Analysis
Sales & Distribution

Navigate Cannabis Science

Navigate Cannabis Science provides our client partners with a practical approach to their product development and scientific research endeavors. Our Israeli and international relationships within the cannabis R&D ecosystem will accelerate and de-risk your scientific endeavors. Our services are tailor-made and include:

  • Licensed R&D facilities with specialists in cannabinoid formulations
  • Genetics research and development
  • Relationships with leading Israeli clinical centers
  • Dedicated clinical research organizations that can plan, design and implement pre-clinical and clinical trials
  • Pharmaceutical regulatory knowledge appropriate for global markets
  • Delivery system specialists with a focus on tablets, topical, nasal, oral dissolving tablets/ films etc.
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Product Development
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Formulations & Delivery Systems
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Clinical Studies & Validations
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Project Management

iCAN Global Network

Our Navigate clients have privileged access to our world class International services network partners, who provide a range of turn-key cannabis business, scientific, and management solutions.

iCAN and its partners represent an extended business network that touches virtually all aspects of the cannabis industry. As a result, we are able to source, qualify and deliver a stream of partnership and financing opportunities to our clients.

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Legal & Regulatory
Return of Investment
Finance & Investment
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Cultivation & Extraction
Team Work
Operations Management

Services Case Studies

Case Study 1

Field: Medical cannabis products and brand.

Background: An early stage European medical cannabis products company and brand, founded by senior international business executives from other industries.
Challenges: The founders of the company had very few cannabis business relationships, and limited knowledge of the cannabis industry, despite their business expertise and success.
The Work: We educated the client on the cannabis industry; provided introductions to key thought and business leaders; provided guidance on business strategies; and conducted qualitative industry research.

Case Study 2

Field: Medical cannabis producer.

 Background: A young American company that had secured government licenses and was operating in two countries. They needed support with a large private financing round.
Challenges: To find long-term investors for an early stage international cannabis producer.
The Work: We contributed to the company’s financing strategy; researched and developed qualified financing leads lists, and provided introductions to potential investors.

Case Study 3

Field: Established medical device company.

Background: An established medical plastic R&D company looking to pivot into the cannabis industry, and take their expertise and products into the European and North American markets.
Challenges: Zero knowledge of the North American and European cannabis market hampered development and branding of innovative spray delivery system.
The Work: We educated the client on the cannabis industry and assisted in the market assessment, product development, and branding of two new cannabis-focused product lines. We provided introductions to key supply chain partners and customers. Within four months of engagement, some of the largest and most established cannabis company in the world became interested in a little heard of medical device company, thinking to pivot into cannabis.

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