Top International Cannabis Industry Leaders to Convene at the Davos Cannabis House Agenda & Speakers

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Tel Aviv, Israel, Jan. 16, 2020…The world’s top cannabis industry leaders will convene in an unprecedented gathering in Davos, Switzerland Monday, January 20 and Tuesday, January 21.
The Davos Cannabis House will highlight the economic role of cannabis in the future of healthcare, international trade, investment, and environmental and resource security, with the goal of creating a fair and viable cannabis-related industry globally.

The 2-day event will take place at 69 Promenade Davos Platz.

Davos Cannabis House Agenda (subject to change)


What’s Next: Cannabis 3.0
Saul Kaye, iCAN: Israel-Cannabis

13:00 – 13:35

The Next Emerging Markets for Cannabis – Navigating Asia 
Philip Gu, Stemcell United Limited

13:35 – 14:10

Leveraging Data to Maximize the Cannabis Supply Chain’s ROI 
Lucas Robinson & Jonathan Sweetser, Canngoods

14:10 – 14:45

Sustainable Supply Chain Financings in Emerging Markets

14:45 – 15:20

Lessons from Cannabis 2.0: Capital Markets Perspective 
Richard Carleton, CNSX Markets

15:20 – 15:55

Not Going Public But How to be a Public Company
Jason Paltrowitz, OTC Markets

15:55 – 16:30

The Road to Building a Global Cannabis Brand
Boris Blatnik, Kannaswiss

16:30 – 17:05

Current Economic and Regulatory Trends
Yona Levy, Alvit Pharma

17:05 – 17:40


17:40 – 19:00



11:00 – 13:00

What’s Next
David Wenger, Asia Horizon

13:00 – 13:20

Data Protection and Supply Chain Track and Traceability 
Brittany Kaiser, The Digital Asset Trade Association

13:20 – 14:05

Uncharted Waters: Compliance, Regulation and Quality throughout the Cannabinoid Supply Chain
Matthew Anderson, Vanguard Scientific

14:05 – 14:40

The 2020 Cannabis Investor
William Muecke, Artemis Growth; Brian Sheng; Asia Pacific; Yvette Pagano (CannaGlobal)

14:40 – 15:15

Public Finance: The Future of Public Markets
Jason Paltrowitz, OTC Markets; Richard Carleton; CSE

15:15 – 15:50

Social Media Influence on Capital Market
James Black, CSE

15:50 – 16:25

Genomics & The Future of Cannabis
David Traylor, Golden Eagle Partners

16:25 – 16:50

Ketamin 101 from Cannabis to Psychedelics
Mark Braunstein

17:25 – 18:00

What’s Next in Psychedelic Therapy?
Rick Doblin, MAPS

18:00 – 18:45

Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Trauma: MDMA Therapy 
Dr. Rachel Yehuda, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Rick Doblin, MAPS

18:45 – 19:30


For further information and to schedule interviews with Davos Cannabis House speakers and panelists contact Laura Kam, +972-54-806-8613 or in Davos, Jim Walsh,, +001-607-275-7141.

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