New to the iCAN: Israel-Cannabis Incubator: Cann2Go, Software that Optimizes Last Mile Delivery of Medical Cannabis


TEL AVIV, IsraelJanuary 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

As the number of medicinal cannabis users in Israel surge and demand for at-home delivery grows, Cann2Go has developed a SaaS platform, utilizing a sophisticated set of algorithms that enables the cost-effective and secure transport of medicine to the patient.  Cann2Go is the newest medical cannabis start-up to join the iCAN: Israel-Cannabis Incubator.

Cann2Go allows cannabis companies to easily plan and manage all their Cannabis distribution and last-mile deliveries in an efficient and cost-effective manner with full visibility to the end customer. Cann2Go’s powerful distribution & delivery technology provides orders management, optimized routing, real-time secured tracking and end-customer experience.  Instead of focusing on routing and prioritization algorithms, Cann2Go clients can focus on bringing their clients the best service with the best user experience.

“Delivering medical cannabis to patients is currently a complicated and expensive undertaking. Positive identification and patient security are vital. The Cann2Go algorithms and operations management platform will save delivery companies money and optimize the delivery process while providing transparency to the end customer, so every gram of cannabis on the road is accounted for,” said Ofir Primer, CEO of Cann2Go.  “We look forward to working with the iCAN team as we bring our delivery solution to the market,” added Primer.

“With their success in optimizing over 300,000 food deliveries in Israel, we are proud to incubate Cann2Go and thrilled that they have joined iCAN.   Last-mile delivery of medical cannabis is a complicated challenge that Cann2Go’s algorithm solves.  The Cann2Go technology will be of interest to B2B and B2C cannabis delivery companies and we look forward to helping this exciting start-up reach its goals while working to assure that every person in the world has access to medical-grade cannabis,” said Saul Kaye, Founder and CEO of iCAN.

About Cann2Go

Cann2Go is a SaaS solution that allows its users to create dynamic workflows and automate the management of the whole Cannabis retailers’ distribution process. Our set of elastic algorithms and smart tools allows its user to adjust the platform to his organization’s unique workflows and its end-consumers’ high expectations.

We offer an End-to-End solution for the Cannabis last-mile process:
–    Out-Of-The-Box Integrations with ERP systems
–    Extensions and Plug-ins to E-Commerce platforms
–    Create unique operational workflows
–    Meet strict regulatory requirements
–    Efficient routing
–    Secured transit tracking
–    End-Customer experience

About iCAN: Israel-Cannabis

iCAN is building the global cannabis ecosystem. iCAN identifies and accelerates innovative medical cannabis technologies and creates synergies and cooperation across the industry. iCAN uses its global network and reach to position Israel as the world’s leading medical cannabis tech hub.

Cann2Go is seeking strategic investment for global deployment.

Contact Laura , +972-54-806-8613 for further information.

SOURCE iCAN: Israel Cannabis

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