Why Apply For iCAN Incubate?:

iCAN Incubate is the worlds premier cannabis industry incubator, offering first-class guidance and support to successfully develop and bring your product to market. 

iCAN Incubate is headquartered in Israel, a leading global center of cannabis industry innovation, and brings together a variety of experience in management, marketing, finance, information technology, consumer products, research, medicine, and regulation to your business venture.

iCAN Incubate Guide to Incubation for Cannabis

iCAN Incubate is a cannabis-specific business incubator with years of experience in the space, and a proven track record of launching emerging cannabis businesses. We have developed a comprehensive e-book based on our experience that we have decided to share with our network. iCAN propels growth and impact in the cannabis sector, and we hope to expand this impact by sharing some trade tips from our incubator.

To download your free iCAN Incubate Guide to Incubation for Cannabis, simply enter your email in the field below. You will receive a PDF version of the e-book for download directly to your email.

iCAN Incubate Application:

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