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About iCAN Incubate

iCAN Incubate, a cannabis industry incubator, offers the guidance and support needed to successfully develop, produce and market your product. iCAN Incubate is headquartered in Israel, a leading global center of cannabis industry innovation. iCAN Incubate is part of Israel-Cannabis, known industry-wide as “iCAN”. iCAN has a track record of growth and impact in the cannabis sector including CannTech, the global cannabis events, and education platform.  
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The iCAN team was built with a specific purpose – to bring together a variety of experience in management, marketing, finance, information technology, consumer products, research, medicine, and regulation. This carefully curated team has a combined 100+ years of business experience and 40+ years in the cannabis industry. Together, the team has the knowledge and the network to help you navigate the cannabis ecosystem successfully.

Our incubatees

We enable the sale of cannabis on a digital and secured platform. We verify buyers, sellers, and products which lies at the core of the emergence of a transparent and efficient trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis market.


Revolutionary technology to produce high-quality plant cells in vitro. This process eliminates many of the risks and costs associated with highly controlled agricultural production.

Nano E

iCAN Nano E provides a unique cold plasma treatment process that enables the manufacturing of stable water/cannabis oil emulsions without surfactants. Utilizing cold plasma treatment, iCAN Nano E is working to create a complex mixture of surface functionalities that influence the physical and chemical properties of polymers.

iCAN See

Delivering ophthalmic Cannabinoids to reduce inflammation and pain. Headquartered in Israel, iCAN.see brings together experts from the fields of ophthalmology, clinical research, and biotechnology, to address the need for more effective, less harmful ocular treatments.

Cann2Go provides the ability to analyze, optimize, and scale cannabis distribution. Backed by over 18 years of experience in product design, system architecture, and development of robust software solutions led by Ofir Primer and Aviad Eshed. They are a technology company dedicated to enabling the cannabis industry to reach new heights.

Yom Chai is a research and product development company based in Israel and established in 2018 whose objective is to conduct scientific, clinical trials in Israel utilizing various cannabinoid, terpene and herbal compounds with the target of realizing multiple successful discoveries and outcomes.

Our Graduates

Delivering advanced, clinically validated, unique cannabis formulations paired with unique vapor capture technology reactor tech.
By developing high-quality pharmaceutical and analytical products utilizing the cannabis plant and leveraging the patented technology in conjunction with established botanical expertise of Izun Pharma Limited – CannRX are leading the market in advanced cannabinoids formulations and extractions.

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