Accelerating Cannabis Innovation

iCAN INCUBATE identifies and accelerates innovative startups and ideas and creates synergies between them and the global cannabis ecosystem.

We are building a portfolio of diversified investments focused on cannabis  pharmaceutical formulations, medical devices, wellness products, AgTech, and other innovative technologies. 

About iCAN Incubate

iCAN Incubate offers the guidance and support needed to successfully develop, produce, and market your product.

iCAN Incubate is headquartered in Israel, a leading global center of cannabis research and innovation.

  • Israel’s medical cannabis program currently treats over 38,000 patients and 15 years of data
  • Israel - medical cannabis export approved January 2019
  • Israel has an international reputation as an innovation leader in the fields of AgTech, BioTech, and medical research

What Do We Do?

 iCAN Incubate helps startups and researchers build business models that are scalable and repeatable. By leveraging our deep well of industry know-how and a select group of experts from sectors across the cannabis industry, iCAN Incubate knows what it takes to accelerate and bring new and innovative products to market. 

Strategy Planning

Know your Markets


Develop your Business

Patent Registration

Build your Product

Return of Investment

Find your Capital

Not all incubators are created equal. At iCAN, our unique panel of advisors, consultants, and strategic partners work in partnership with budding entrepreneurs and innovative researchers to develop the best model for each venture.

Our Incubatees

Leveraging unique IP developed for physical commodities markets, CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange), is an IT-driven platform that provides efficient, transparent, secure, and integrated B2B trading solutions for the global legal cannabis market. 

 ReaGenics is pioneering a novel plant cell bioreactor process for the mass-scale multiplication of cannabinoids. This eliminates the need to grow plants on an industrial scale for the production of pharma-grade, botanically-derived cannabinoids.


iCAN See is the first-mover in incorporating cannabis into ocular health, to address the need for more effective, less harmful ocular treatments. Our distinguished scientific advisory board includes experts from the fields of ophthalmology, clinical research, and biotechnology, who ensure the clinical validity of iCANsee ocular cannabis products, testing the quality and efficacy of each formulation prior to market.

With renewed research interest in LSD, MDMA, Ketamine, and psilocybin, and a growing normalization after decades of stigma, psychedelics are the next therapeutic frontier. The PsyTech conference was created by the team behind CannaTech, the premier innovation conference for the cannabis industry. Leveraging years of experience building a global cannabis ecosystem, PsyTech is poised to elevate the psychedelics conversation, foster normalization, and accelerate innovation. 

Do you have a cannabis technology? Join iCAN and get incubated

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