Accelerating Cannabis Innovation

iCAN is building the global cannabis ecosystem

iCAN INCUBATE identifies and accelerates innovative companies and creates synergies between them and the global ecosystem.

We are building a portfolio of diversified investments that includes R&D, clinical trials, pharmaceutical formulators, brand developers, distributors and technology & media platforms

About iCAN Incubate

iCAN Incubate, a cannabis industry incubator, offers the guidance and support needed to successfully develop, produce and market your product. iCAN Incubate is headquartered in Israel, a leading global center of cannabis industry innovation. iCAN Incubate is part of Israel-Cannabis, known industry-wide as “iCAN”. iCAN has a track record of growth and impact in the cannabis sector including CannTech, the global cannabis events, and education platform.  
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The iCAN team was built with a specific purpose – to bring together a variety of experience in management, marketing, finance, information technology, consumer products, research, medicine, and regulation. This carefully curated team has a combined 100+ years of business experience and 40+ years in the cannabis industry. Together, the team has the knowledge and the network to help you navigate the cannabis ecosystem successfully.

Our Incubatees

CMTREX is an IT-driven trading platform lying at the core of the emergence of a transparent and efficient trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis and hemp industry. Leveraging unique IP developed for physical commodities markets, CMTREX provides and omni-channel platform through which sellers offer and sell their inventory while providing buyers with increased selectivity and price transparency in their purchases. 


Revolutionary technology to produce high-quality plant cells in vitro. This process eliminates many of the risks and costs associated with highly controlled agricultural production.


Delivering ophthalmic Cannabinoids to reduce inflammation and pain. Headquartered in Israel, iCANsee brings together experts from the fields of ophthalmology, clinical research, and biotechnology, to address the need for more effective, less harmful ocular treatments.

With a distinguished scientific advisory board and membership in a leading medical cannabis incubator, iCANsee are first-movers in an ocular product market largely untouched by cannabis.

Medical cannabis WILL impact ocular medicine, and iCANsee is leading the way.

I’d like an update on iCANsee and other new medical cannabis companies in the iCAN Incubator.

Israel is the leading medical cannabis tech hub

  • Israel is regarded as the global leader in medical cannabis research
  • Israel’s medical cannabis program currently treats over 38,000 patients and 15 years of data
  • Israel - export approved January 2019
  • Israel has an international reputation as innovation leader in the fields of agri-tech, bio-tech and medical research

Hyper-growth expected for the global cannabis market

The legalizaton of cannabis continues to expand globally

  • Global medical cannabis market expected to reach $55.8bn value by 2025
  • US medical cannabis market expected to reach $19.5bn value by 2024
  • European cannabis market expected to reach €115.7bn value by 2018
  • South-East Asia medical cannabis market expected to reach $4bn value by 2018

Our Graduates

CannRX delivers advanced, clinically validated cannabis formulations paired with unique vapor capture technology. With high-quality pharmaceutical cannabis-derived products and leveraging patented technology in conjunction with the established botanical expertise of Izun Pharma Limited, CannRX is leading the market in advanced cannabinoid formulation and extraction.

CMTREX facilitates the sale of cannabis on a digital and secure trade platform. By ensuring verification of buyers, sellers, and products on the exchange, CMTREX propels the emergence of a transparent and efficient trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis market.

Do you have a cannabis technology? Join iCAN and get incubated

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