What is iCAN Give?

iCAN Give is a collaboration  of iCAN: Israel-cannabis and CannaTech that strives to facilitate, support, and promote investigator-driven, medical cannabis studies led by leading Israeli researchers.

iCAN Give is designed to address the need of Israeli physicians seeking to explore the potential of cannabis for the relief of a range of medical conditions through evidence-based research.

The high cost of cannabis, legal and regulatory restrictions, and the complexity of the plant itself poses a great many barriers for physicians who wish to conduct their own trials. iCAN Give works with physicians to facilitate investigator-driven studies by providing cannabis industry expertise coupled with a deep understanding and appreciation of clinical validations. Whether by assisting in the selection and sourcing of products appropriate for the study and its objectives or in the navigation of review board and Ministry of Health approvals, iCAN Give helps investigators and their teams reduce some of the friction inherent in the study of medical cannabis.  

Take a look at some of the projects we support

With evidence to support the use of THC for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease,  physicians are seeking to explore the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis for treatment of behavioral and psychological symptoms associated other forms of dementia.

CBD has been found to have antianxiety and antipsychotic properties. Physicians are thus eager to explore the efficacy of CBD in a more acute anxiety setting, such as pre-operatively. Compared to other treatments for preoperative anxiety, CBD has less potential side effects.

Physicians seeking to continue efforts to explore the efficacy of medical cannabis for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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