iCAN Global Network

Each of the companies in the iCAN Global Network are trusted partners and highly qualified services providers, who offer a range of cannabis industry services. iCAN and its partners develop projects together, and jointly provide services to select clients.

Canalis Capital

Canalis Capital is a venture capital & investment management firm dedicated to finding, connecting and developing businesses within the emerging global cannabis industry. Canalis accelerates the most iconic cannabis companies around the world, connecting with legendary founders to help grow cannabis brands, technologies & immersive retail solutions around the globe.
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TheraCann International

TheraCann offers a one-stop, full service solution for the international cannabis marketplace. With nearly 3.5 million square feet of licensed cannabis operations expected under management by the end of 2020 and the successful launch of ground- breaking Enterprise Resource Planning and Compliant (ERP+C) software, aeroponic cultivation systems and patented genetic tracking and diversion prevention systems, theracann provides cannabis – related business with solutions to fit their regulatory requirements.

We’re dedicated to providing an innovative and adaptable solution that is reliable, economic, practical, safe and secure while setting the gold standard in cannabis quality, tractability and regulatory compliance.

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Beyond Marketing Group

Beyond Marketing has 5 core competencies; Data-Science, Brand Narrative, Creative Execution, Experiential Activation & Media Sciences. Having proudly built cannabis brands from the ground up utilizing our proprietary data-science/brand narrative/creative design practice, across both the recreational and medical markets, Beyond has quietly built a very powerful cannabis brand practice. 

Beyond’s expertise allows brands and services exclusive access to invaluable consumer data-science, incredible design and viscerally connective strategies for both the recreational and medical markets.

Important to note that since 2015 Beyond has been quietly and strategically using our proprietary data science practice to systematically review the cannabis industry from a consumer-centric perspective for the purposes of developing and propelling brands.

Creative by The Numbers – the process founded by the owner of Beyond Marketing is the irrefutable distillation of mathematics into ideas. Tested on big global brands, and all sizes of national brands for over a decade, a highly replicable, proven successful process with incredible case studies to back it up.

As we apply Creative by The Numbers to the cannabis industry it allows us to create, reinvent and birth brands that people are magnetically attracted to.

Beyond Marketing developed a proprietary Science Of Branding in the cannabis space – invaluable for any cannabis innovation company. Additionally applying this specifically to medical, indoor, greenhouse brands, medical & distillate.

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CannabiSalud is the Latin-American symposium on medical cannabis, primarily CannabiSalud is a two-day conference with information on the medical use of the cannabis plant specifically geared towards medical professionals like doctors, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists. The speakers presenting at CannabiSalud are important Doctors, Scientists, and Researchers from different parts of the world. They will present their work with the purpose of educating about the benefits of cannabis, and will share how their studies have helped shaped regulations in the use of cannabis, or what they call: The medicine of the future!

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Forever Flowering

Forever Flowering began as a vision one day on the farm – growing, doing it, coming up with ways to do it better.  With a background of two decades in the field came the ideas of how to create products for others to do it as well.  Each growing cycle provided a deeper understanding of the plants and their needs.  With each season came lessons from our experience on how to create a better growing environment that needed less daily input and reduced the margins of error. We are farmers that came to know and understand our field and create greenhouses to service it.

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Kam Global Strategies

Founded by strategic communications expert Laura Kam, Kam Global Strategies, a one-stop-shop for policy and business leaders who want to do business in Israel and for Israeli companies and organizational leaders who want to see results globally. Kam Global Strategies can get your activities, products or messages into the traditional or new social media reaching millions. To give you the most comprehensive service, our core team is made up of internationally experienced multi-lingual communications professionals based in Israel, Beijing and New Delhi. Our associates throughout Europe will help you break through to those markets.

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CMTREX is a cannabis mercantile trading exchange, that offers an unrivaled range of trading products and services tailored to the specific needs of the cannabis market. Co-founded by Saul Singer, an experienced executive in the international physical commodities market and iCAN: israel-cannabis.com, a leader in accelerating and commercializing products for the global cannabis market, CMTREX is strategically positioned to facilitate the emergence of a transparent and efficient trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis and hemp markets.

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sinseShare is a consulting firm that specializes in helping cannabis-based business owners go from concept to market. They provide start-to-finish cannabis business and product solutions, to help jumpstart a new brand or increase the market share of one that is already established. 

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