Israeli cannatech companies
showcase innovative IP and
cutting edge research
to an audience of global investors

Meet Israeli Start Ups

Israeli entrepreneurs are producing high-value products, patents, and delivery platforms that make Israel a global leader in the sector.

Cannabis is the fastest growing market in the world. The medical cannabis industry alone is expected to generate $148 billion globally by 2026. By 2025, the recreational market is expected to emerge as the fastest-growing industry segment.

On September 12, meet 10 of Israel’s most innovative cannabis companies and entrepreneurs.

Israeli entrepreneurs, and researchers with new IP come to North American and European cities

Why Israel?

Israel is the world leader in cannabis research, technology, and innovation because of the relative freedom Israeli researchers enjoy.

Medical cannabis was legalized in the 1990s, giving Israel 30 years of data on cannabinoid efficacy in treating a range of health conditions.

Why Israeli cannabis?

Scientific rigor, high-quality product, and a permissive regulatory environment attract international interest and investment.

Israeli tech – unique extraction techniques, targeted formulations and novel delivery platforms – are in high demand.

Why iCANconnect?

Saul Kaye is a pharmacist, angel investor, serial entrepreneur and the iCAN CEO and Founder. He brings the most innovative Israeli cannabis startups to global investors; a handpicked group of high potential companies curated based on Saul’s deep market knowledge and reach.

Sponsors and Partners

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Sample Agenda


• 9:00 Opening: Blue White and Green: The Israel Cannabis Ecosystem
Saul Kaye, iCAN Israel Cannabis

• Welcome
Inon Elroy, Economic Minister to North America

• The Power of the Plant
Nirit Bernstein PhD, Volcani Institute

• Pitches 1: AgroTech Solutions for Cannabis Cultivation

• Innovation Opportunity: Yeruham
Tal Ohana, Mayor of Yeruham

• The Human Endocannabinoid System
Robin Ely, MD

• Pitches 2: Cannabinoids & Novel Therapies
icansee, Cannella, CannaDu

• Panel: Capital Investment in Cannabis Brenda Smith (moderator), Christine Jurinich, David Hess, Jesse Kaplan

• The History of Extraction
Matt Anderson, Vanguard Scientific

• Pitches 3: Secure Financial Transacting for Cannabis       CMTREX, HQ


• Humans of Medical Cannabis
Yossi Ghinsberg

• Commercializing Israeli Technology in the US
Sarah Tahor (moderator), Stephen Konigsberg, Tikun USA & Scott Greiper, Viridian Capital Advisors

• Pitches 4: Private and Public Cooperation and Wellness
Grow Nation, Together Pharma

• Panel: Risks and Regulations in Global Expansion
David Feuerstein (moderator), Veeraj Adatia, Gary Kaminsky

• From Chief of Police to Cannabis Exec
Yohanan Danino

• Pitches 5: R&D & Cognitive Testing
ALVIT, Otorize

• Terpenes & the Ethnobotanical Approach: Data Science to Product
Avichai Elbaz, Eybna Technologies

• 5:00 Cocktails on the Balcony 

Capital Companies

Gotham Green

The Arcview Group

Phyto Partners

Tress Capital

Panther Fund

Plaza Capital

Artemis Growth Partners

Northern Swan Holdings

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Yona Levy, CEO

ALVIT is an international vertically integrated medical cannabis R&D company specializing in cannabis product development and drug delivery technologies. (read more)
Founded in 2014 with the goal of researching and developing cannabis-based pharmaceutical products that speak the language of doctors, Alvit has successfully developed a broad line of pharma-grade cannabis products that include various types of tablets, sprays, suppositories, and more.

Daniel Abrahami, CEO

Headquarters is a licensed California cannabis manufacturer and distributor, based in Los Angeles.

HQ is a landing pad for US and international companies seeking to establish their cannabis brand in the California market and provides partners with a turnkey solution for developing, launching and marketing cannabis products there. HQ also serves as a bridge between Israeli cannabis innovation and the American market.

Marcela Huertas, VP Global Affairs

CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange), is an IT-driven platform that provides efficient, transparent, and integrated trading solutions for the global legal cannabis market. (read more)
CMTREX is strategically positioned to facilitate the emergence of a transparent, efficient and secure trading ecosystem for the global legal cannabis and hemp markets. This secure digital marketplace brings together the world's leading wholesale cannabis suppliers and buyers.

Inbar Benayoun, CEO

Cannella is developing a cannabis-based product for the treatment of epileptic seizures in partnership with the public company Intelicann and Alvit Pharma.
The entire life cycle of the cannabis drug development process is controlled in the Cannella cultivation and research facility in Israel. The company collaborates on R&D and product formulation projects with various esteemed research facilities around the world.

Yeruham Mayor, Tal Ohana

Tal Ohana is Yerucham’s first female mayor and is positioning the city as Israel’s next cannabis hub. (read more)
Located in the eastern Negev desert, the city lies 524 meters above sea level and has a climate uniquely suited to cannabis production. Yerucham is pitching itself as the future of Israeli cannabis.

Saul Kaye, Founder

The Grow Nation cannabis incubator will be located at GreeNegev Cannabis Technologies Center in Yerucham. The Grow Nation Incubator invests in early-stage cannabis start-ups and offers a range of services to propel long term success. (read more)
Grow Nation provides R&D services by CanNegev Cannabis Research Labs and strategic support from Citrine Fund and iCAN: Israel Cannabis. The Grow Nation Incubator is supported by the Local Council of Yerucham and backed by a number of Israeli government ministries including the Medical Cannabis Unit (Yakar), Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy.

Joshua Berman, iCAN Director of Business Development

iCANsee is a leading-edge delivery platform for ophthalmic cannabinoids to reduce eye inflammation and pain. (read more)
Headquartered in Israel, iCANsee brings together experts from the fields of ophthalmology, clinical research, and biotechnology, to address the need for effective, safe ocular treatment

Michael Kagan, CEO

ReaGenics is pioneering a novel plant cell bioreactor process for the mass-scale multiplication of cannabinoids.(read more)
This eliminates the need to grow plants on an industrial scale for pharma-grade, botanically-derived cannabinoids. Reagenics' technology offers all of the benefits of the cannabis plant but without the hassle or cost of growing it.

Nissim Bracha, CEO

Together’s unique cannabis cultivation system uses the latest technology to produce pharma-quality plants suitable for supervised medical use and in accordance with strict IMC-GAP standards of Israel's Ministry of Health. (read more)
Together also offers a skincare subsidiary company in partnership with Israeli cosmetics company Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Laboratories. Together Pharma has also signed long-run agreements to export cannabis to Germany and Canada.

David Bassa, Chair

CannaDu is an exclusive Biotech Venture Capital fund focused on cannabis investments in pharmaceuticals, wellness, medical applications & devices. (read more)
Based on founder David Basa's reputation, deep understanding of the industry and years of experience in the field, CannaDu is strategically positioned to become the leading Israeli biotech cannabis investment fund. CannaDu's mission is to discover and support the most promising cannabis companies while ensuring substantial investor ROI.

Andres Kukawka, Founder & CEO/CTO

Otorize is a mobile app that offers solution for detecting cognitive impairment. Otorize is the first scientifically proven app to reduce impaired driving. (read more)
It’s a simple yet breakthrough app that detects cognitive impairment in seconds. It doesn't use membranes or filters and there is no need for maintenance. Otorize is effective on any substance, be it alcohol, cannabis, drugs, and more. Otorize assists in self regulating and reducing the likelihood of damage, accidents, injury and death.


Nirit Bernstein

Senior Researcher
Volcani Institute

Yohanan Danino

Former Israeli Police Chief

Tal Ohana

Mayor of Yeruham

Inon Elroy

Economic Minister
to North America

Saul Kaye

iCAN Israel Cannabis
CEO & Founder

Matthew Anderson

Vanguard Scientific Systems

Brenda Smith

CB Capital Concierge Founder, Managing Partner

Yossi Ghinsberg

Bestselling author of 'Jungle'; Influencer, Explorer, Entrepreneur

Sarah Tahor

Founder & CEO Can Innovation Finder

David Feuerstein

Feuerstein Kiluk

Stephen Konigsberg

MD, Global Business Development, Legal and Management Affairs at Tikun Olam USA

Scott Greiper

President, Viridian Capital Advisors

Veeraj Adatia

Analyst at AlmaStone

Gary Kaminsky

Director of Legal Compliance at Acreage Holdings

Avichai Elbaz

Eybna Technologies

Robin Ely, MD

Center for Integrative Medicine

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