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CannaTech TLV 2018

It was once again, an incredible experience to be a part of another CannaTech event!

We were proud to be sponsors for CannaTech’s first Latin American event, engaging in the first high-level cannabis conversation in the tiny Central American country of Panama. Despite its size and lack of established medical cannabis program, there was robust energy surrounding the event, with heavy interest and participation of locals.

The curiosity surrounding the location chosen for this CannaTech event provided ample opportunity for discussion. However, moments into the event it was clear why CannaTech was here, Panama and the Latin American region are hungry for the next level of cannabis conversation.

“We come to countries where it’s difficult, where we can effect change. It is the people in this room that are going to actively go do that”

-Saul Kate, iCAN CEO

As usual, CannaTech provided the highest caliber of representatives from all sectors: research, cultivation, medical practice, investors, innovators and even two former agents from the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency).

Matt Murphy & Charles Feldmann


Matthew Murphy, who is now VP for Compliance and Security at Khiron Life Sciences, held many positions in his 26 years at the DEA. He was joined on stage by former DEA colleague and longtime iCAN friend, Charles Feldmann. Charles heads the International Cannabis departments at the law firm Feldmann and Nagel – also sponsors at CannaTech Panama.

The presence of these two, in particular, shows the great advancements being made in both destigmatization and the strong evidence base behind cannabis, enough to convinced these two men to work in and support the cannabis industry. Their discussion was high energy informative, and dynamic, providing the Panamanian and international audiences key insights into compliance, establishing regulatory protocols and advice on mitigating risk in the cannabis ecosystem.

“You can build a great business… and a better future”

-Peter Thiel

CannaTech goes to countries where cannabis infrastructure is in early stages, or perhaps still even early discussions. It is these places like these that providing and engaging in quality-driven cannabis conversation is at its most potent and will initiate real change.

Being sponsors of the event gave iCAN the opportunity to engage with entities and entrepreneurs from around the world. As well as encounter the local faces that will soon be the leaders of the cannabis industry throughout the LATAM region.

Press Conference with Raymond Harari, Jason Warnock, Saul Kaye & Andres Galofre


In between roaming the event exhibition space and conducting interviews, local and international press filled out the room for a press conference between iCAN CEO, Saul Kaye, Canalis Capital CEO, Raymond Harari, TheraCann CEO, Jason Warnock, and Khrion Life Sciences, Andres Galofre.

Press from local media such as Telemetro and Radio Panamá, were joined by journalists from Forbes and Reuters. They heard comments from these cannabis experts regarding liaising with local governments on regulations that will allow for faster access and acknowledged the need for tracking and quality measures as the market grows.

The need for governments to determine goals for what they want their cannabis programs to achieve was highlighted by Saul. As well as the obligation the industry holds to provide repeatable, dosable and quality cannabis medicines, personalized to specific indications and the patient’s lifestyle.

“We have to remove the stigma from cannabis, and the only way we can do this is by showing that this is a real industry, driven by changing the world and giving patients access to something that could save their lives”

-Saul Kaye

The iCAN Media team were present at CannaTech and took a tour of TheraCann’s Panama facility. We managed to interview many of the main players in the industry, as well as gain some interesting insights on where the industry is going.

iCAN Media interviewing Reggie Gaudino from Steep Hill

Interviews were conducted with individuals such as Reggie Gaudino from Steep Hill, Constance Finely of Constance Therapeutics and more. Stay in touch with new episodes of iCAN Media, by subscribing to the iCAN News Digest.

Saul Singer from CMTrex & Jason Warnock from TheraCann

iCAN Incubate company, CMTREX, appeared in the CannaTech exhibition space. Saul Singer showcased his Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange platform, explaining its benefits to both established industry and newcomers, to trade efficiently and with transparency.

CMTREX entered into an LOI with CannaTech Global sponsors, TheraCann. TheraCann have international operations, covering all aspects of the cannabis supply chain. The agreement between the two companies will integrate TheraCann’s Etch BioTrace technology into the CMTREX platform. Etch technology embeds molecular identification into cannabis plants, allowing for identification and tracking across the supply chain without affecting the product.

Saul Kaye and Derek Reidle

On the last day of CannaTech Panama, Saul Kaye and Derek Reidle took the mainstage to have a One-on-One. Saul comes from a medical perspective when it comes to cannabis, whilst Derek brings his prowess in the fields of cannabis lifestyle and publishing. Their onstage exploration of the nuances of cannabis business and the need to take responsibility in marketing to new cannabis consumer was a special feature of the event. It is rare that one gets to hear a live and authentic conversation between such two diverse cannabis experts.

The iCAN booth in the exhibition space was a hive of activity. We shared information on our current iCAN Incubate portfolio companies and had ample opportunity to discuss future ventures with some incredible international guests.

We believe this is what sets CannaTech events apart from the rest: no other conference provides the attention to detail and experiential platform that allows for such extraordinary and fruitful cannabis conversation.

Sponsoring CannaTech and having the opportunity to present at their global events establishes you as a part of a community. CannaTech is at its core an events platform, but at its heart, a global movement – dedicated to the acceleration and elevation of cannabis medicine, technology, and policy.

In creating deal flow, partnerships, and connections in the CannaTech community, ripples are felt throughout the global cannabis industry. Join us at the CannaTech flagship event in Tel Aviv, 1-3 April 2019.

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