2018: A Year in Review

2018 year in review

2018 was an amazing and expansive year for iCAN. With many successes and ventures undertaken, we are excited to welcome in 2019 and provide an update on some exciting iCAN news.

iCAN Connect:

2018 saw the iCAN events platform CannaTech, exploring three different nations. The ever-growing flagship Tel Aviv Summit was a resounding success and upheld its name as the premier medical cannabis conference globally. The iCAN team joined in facilitating our first two events in the APAC region. CannaTech Sydney was followed by Hong Kong’s first medical cannabis symposium in November. You can read more about our experiences at these events here.

The beginning of 2019 is set to showcase CannaTech in Davos. Our strong ties across the cannabis supply chain and throughout the world provides us pathways to engage with economic experts and political leaders. International events such as the World Economic Forum offer the chance to share globally relevant information on the value of the cannabis ecosystem and engage with thought leaders and experts across numerous sectors. Join us at the Canada Cannabis House in Davos, hosted in collaboration with iCAN, CannaTech, Canadian Securities Exchange and OTC Markets.

February 12-13 is our CannaTech Panama event:

Recent years have brought a wave of changes to Latin America’s broad ban on cannabis with medical cannabis legalization taking places in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and more. CannaTech aims to encourage education and facilitate change and development throughout the region by offering a platform to disseminate current, correct, and proven medical cannabis information.

iCAN Incubate:

The newest addition to the iCAN Incubator is Cann2Go, has created a software service platform that allows for cost-effective and secure transport of medical cannabis to patients. Cann2go’s technology uses sophisticated algorithms that provide cannabis companies easy ways to plan and manage distribution. We are excited to incubate this startup, with the goal of optimizing service and user experience for medical cannabis patients in Israel and around the world.

Read more here.

This year CMTREX, the Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange, launched its Beta platform at CannaTech Sydney. Saul Singer, CEO of CMTREX, introduced Australian and international attendees to the benefits of this unique cannabis trading platform. At the heart of this IT-driven startup is promoting transparency and efficiency in trading within the global cannabis ecosystem. Check out this interview with Saul Singer here:

We are also proud to announce that our iCAN Incubate program has become a certified partner of Hubspot Startup. This partnership will allow our incubator companies to access their extensive marketing, advertising and knowledge base.

iCAN Serve:

2019 has just begun, yet, iCAN has already begun expanding its global reach by signing an agreement with the Greater Cannabis Company (GCanRx). GCanRx have developed a novel delivery platform of an eluting transmucosal patch. This patented orally dissolving film has the benefit of delivering cannabinoids in precise doses with increased bioavailability compared with other delivery mechanisms.

The agreement gives iCAN rights for distribution and marketing in key regions such as Israel, Australia, Germany, Colombia, and many other strategic countries. GCanRx will provide ready-made formulations to meet both the medical and adult use markets globally.

Read more here.


iCAN Give:

iCAN Give was created in 2018 to support projects that address the needs of physicians in confidently prescribing medical cannabis. By working with physicians and our connections across the medical supply chain, iCAN Give facilitates investigator-driven studies and provides cannabis expertise. Through the Give platform, we aim to reduce friction in navigating, prescribing and researching medical cannabis.

As we swing into 2019 there is plenty more excitement on the horizon!

Stay tuned as we explore and accelerate what is and what is next in the incredible cannabis ecosystem.

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