Cannabis predicted to be most profitable crop for 2019 in Colombia


With a variety of crops flourishing in Latin America’s unique climatic conditions, Colombia is poised to become part of the worldwide network of quality medical cannabis suppliers.

Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico and director of the Canadian company Khiron, said that “Colombia has the opportunity to become the leader in attracting capital, investment, innovation, technology, and products; and it will be on the map of this new industry at the height of Canada or even beyond. ”

Currently, Colombia has approved 230 licenses in the country, which are divided into 84 non-psychoactive crops, 71 for the extraction of minor cannabinoids, 57 for crops including THC and 18 for seed crops. According to projections for the sector, the national market is growing and expanding at a strong pace, and cannabis cultivation is set to climb steeply in 2019.

If you are interested in learning more, check out this article in Spanish here.

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