CannaTech is coming to Davos

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The world’s most prestigious networking event, taking place in Davos, Switzerland is just around the corner and iCAN is proud to have its flagship events platform, CannaTech, sponsoring the Canada Cannabis House.

iCAN’s strong industry ties across the cannabis supply chain and throughout the world provides a pathway to engage with economic leaders. International events such as the World Economic Forum give us the opportunity to share important information on a global scale, connecting and educating economic experts and political leaders on the value of the cannabis ecosystem.

As cannabis begins to take its place on the international stage, it also subtly weaves its way into many of the initiatives at the core of the World Economic Forum. From impacting the future of healthcare, international trade, and investment, to playing a part in the global need for environmental and resource security – cannabis as a medicine and a commodity has a huge role to play in shaping the future of our world.

We welcome you to join us! Engage directly with cannabis thought leaders, government advisors and executives of the most influential cannabis brands worldwide.

About CannaTech

CannaTech is the world’s premier medical cannabis event. As a globally renowned platform for education, innovation, and acceleration, CannaTech showcases the brightest mind in the cannabis industry. Events are hosted around the world, offering a unique opportunity to engage with experts and pioneers in the fields of finance, science, government policy, ag-tech and more.

About the Pavillion
CannaTech Davos at the Canadian Cannabis House Pavillion is hosted in collaboration with Canadian Securities Exchange and OTC Markets. You will have the opportunity to hear dynamic duos discuss the biggest cannabis markets in the world and panel discussions looking at investment and innovation in the cannabis space. The pavilion will be open for networking and beverages, with the main program running 4-6pm from 22-24th January.

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For information on sponsorship opportunities at Davos, Panama or our flagship event,  CannaTech Tel Aviv, contact


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